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“Manhunt: Unabomber”

Discovery Channel

as “Dr. David Gelernter”

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“Find Your Way”

has been accepted into

Roma Cinema DOC

Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest (Nominated Best Doc)

LA CineFest

Near Nazareth

TMFF – The Monthly Film Festival

“A son made a boyhood promise to care for his family if things got bad; years later, that promise came due with his father’s suicide.”

Written and Directed by Doug Kruse

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Top of Show Guest Star

as “Nathan” in the HBO/Cinemax hit


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“I’ve worked with Doug Kruse for over 20 years. In that time Doug has become my ‘go to’ for any needs I have when rounding out my cast. He has played the kindest of fathers to the darkest of villains.

The word ‘versatile,’ which is often overused in our business, applies to Doug in it’s truest form: He can do anything.

Most recently Doug’s work on ‘House’ and my current series ‘Banshee’ has been stellar. I am proud to have him part of such demanding material.”

Greg Yaitanes (Exec. Prod./Dir. “House” (Emmy), “Banshee,” etc.)

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Accepted into numerous festivals around the world…

“Mannequin Queen” an original feature screenplay by Doug Kruse

“A heroine’s journey in the style of ‘Leaving Las  Vegas’ meets ‘American Beauty’ with a redemption twist, this script tells the story of a fading beauty who cuts the ties that bind and follows the object of her new found obsession down the rabbit hole to both annihilation and epiphany.”

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Manager Contact:

Ronnie (631) 578-7973

Contact Doug directly at

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